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Fake Safety

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Episode 134 – What’s in a Wage?

Do workers know that the "fight for fifteen" was written by lawyers for McDonald's? How do local wages factor into a global economy? Fake News: Seattle Ordinance Intended to Help App Delivery Workers is undefinedHurting' Them

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Episode 132 – Economic Intangibles

What kinds of capital would be included in a comprehensive measurement of the economy? Do Veblen goods actually contradict the law of demand? Fake News: US forces strike Iran-backed Houthi sites in Yemen

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Episode 131 – Sailboat Wallie

What does it mean when something enters the public domain? Are ideas property? If so, how should you protect them? Fake News: The Iowa Caucus

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Vance, a reformed member of the (R)ight, lives in the South and is a life-long student of economics.

Bart, a bleeding-heart super nerd, lives in the San Francisco bay area but believes the (L)eft has abandoned him.

Every week, these two discuss life, liberty, and the pursuit of…life and liberty.

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